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Deliciousness is an invention.

"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen."
said Albert Einstein, who disliked school.
Perhaps intensive study that denies free thinking was painful for him.
To these ideas around studying that are referred to as “common sense”,
and those who urge these ideas, Einstein resisted as they were far from encouraging free thinking.
Kagawa is where the love for Udon overflows.
Udon noodles are made from wheat flour.
Its broth is derived from ingredients like dried bonito flakes and small sardines.
Even this is nothing more than the reality that exists now.
Perhaps like Einstein, there are ample of open-minded free thinkers
in Kagawa to embrace a new creative approach to Udon.
We have invented a borderless Udon that can be enjoyed by everyone.
Consider the possibility of a plant-based and gluten-free Udon noodles,
which are incredibly delicious ※. Choosing this option allows those who could not enjoy Udon in the past
to be able to enjoy Udon regardless of allergies, religious reasons,
and/or the belief in not consuming animal products,
as well as for those who are simply seeking delicious Udon. Please take your time to savor it.

※ All primary ingredients are wheat-free.
We also offer many menu options that cater
to secondary ingredients as well.


Food Vegan Restaurant Saido
Katsumi Kusumoto
Born and raised in Okayama Prefecture in 1975. After graduating from culinary school, Chef Kusumoto gained experience cooking French cuisine at hotels and restaurants in Tokyo. However, Kusumoto was drawn to the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine. Subsequently opening "Saido", a vegan restaurant led Chef Kusumoto to consistently attract inbound customers from all over the world. Chef Kasumoto’s restaurant received the world's first place on "Happy Cow", the most used restaurant information site for vegans/vegetarians. Chef Kusumoto was appointed as a Tokyo Tourism Ambassador.
Mont Saint Clair
Hironobu Tsujiguchi
Born as the third generation of a traditional Japanese confectioner, Tsujiguchi interprets Japanese ingredients and culture from the perspective of a pastry and chocolatier. He operates 13 locations all showcasing different concepts. As the representative of the Japan Sweets Association, he conducts the Sweets Concierge certification exam to contribute to the development of sweets. Tsujiguchi serves as a visiting professor at Sanno University, as well as a lecturer at Kanazawa University. Tsujiguchi was appointed as a tourism ambassador for Ishikawa Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.
Gelato Maestro
Taizo Shibano
Shibano is aiming to be a comprehensive manufacturer of dairy products in Ishikawa Prefecture that can compete globally in the area of gelato, cheese, and yogurt. Also supervises “Gelato Illusions” as well as gelato making, and consults numerous shops nationwide. Collaborating with farmers and companies, Shibano continues to explore the possibilities of gelato making beyond its conventional limits.
SUN-AD Company Limited
Aya Iwasaki
Iwasaki’s notable works include GINZA SIX naming, JINS "I am an easy woman/I am an easy man", Murata Manufacturing "This wife may be a care robot", Atsugi "Deliver to the skin and heart", Twinbird "Nothing is everything. That's why there is", DEMIDO "Adult hair needs love", Suntory Moderation Campaign "Please, enjoy a moderate life", Suntory × Coca-Cola "Someone who gazes at the same future more than anyone else. That's what rivalry is all about'', and creative direction for a music band Humbert Humbert. Her published books include "Heart-stirring Advertising Copy," "I Am Warhol," and "I Am Dali".


by age 18

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